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Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-25T01:17:56+00:00

Socatrans FAQ

Questions about transcription

Here are a few of the questions we get asked the most about our transcription services. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, reach out to us any time.

How can I record the best quality audio for transcription?2022-02-21T21:31:10+00:00

These days, most interviews are done remotely on Zoom or on a Podcast, which usually provides the best and most accurate audio possible. For times when you’re doing a one-on-one, in-person interview, try and put the microphone or recorder as close to the speakers as possible with as little amount of outside noise to help ensure everything being said is captured. This way you will have 100% of what is being transcribed into your finished document.  

Can you transcribe multiple speakers?2022-02-21T21:31:18+00:00

When a project is more than just a one-on-one interview, we can provide identification for multiple speakers on an audio or video file, making sure that you know exactly who is speaking. Each respondent will be identified clearly and accurately to the best of our ability.  

Can you rush my project?2022-02-21T21:31:29+00:00

Sometimes you need a job turned around immediately and we are here to help make that happen for you. Call us direct and we can help put your job at the front of the line for a faster turnaround time for a small extra fee.  

Does Socatrans provide timestamps?2022-02-21T21:31:41+00:00

Timestamping a project can be very important when you need to quickly reference what was said in an interview. We will insert timestamps where instructed, to make sure you won’t have to struggle searching through page after page for important information.   

How does the transcription process work?2022-02-21T21:31:48+00:00

Audio/video files can be sent to us direct or we will provide a secure drop box for you to upload your files safely. After, we will establish with the client a timeline for completion of the project and meet any deadline required. For ongoing projects with multiple interviews, we will email each document upon completion, so you’re not waiting to receive all documents at once. This will expedite processing your data.  

Does Socatrans use automated software or AI for transcription?2022-02-21T21:32:17+00:00

NO! Socatrans is first and foremost about quality and accuracy. Your job will be personally done in house by one transcriptionist and not just fed into a program, hoping to get the right result.  

What does transcription cost?2022-02-21T21:32:27+00:00

Because all jobs are different and varied in size and scope, the best way to get an accurate cost is to call or email us direct and discuss what your needs are. We will be happy to give you a quote over the phone or through email and work within your project’s budget. Our prices are competitive. 

How long does transcription take?2022-02-21T21:32:40+00:00

Typically for an hour of audio, it will take four to five hours to transcribe. Inserting timestamps or typing verbatim could require a little extra time to make sure it’s done properly.  

Can Socatrans do verbatim legal transcription?2022-02-21T21:32:47+00:00

Sometimes in a job you need every “ooh” and “ah.” We transcribe each and every job to the specifications that are given to us. This might take a little extra time, but when detail is needed, we are here to provide it.  

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